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Ottapalam, a subtle but vibrant town that has offered more to the world which any other town of same size could have. The town prospers on the shore of legendary-NIla, a river celebrated in numerous literary wors and artforms. Ottapalam enjoys an equatorial climate with ample rain and sunshine. Ottapalam is the pivot of Valluvanad-the cultural heartland of Kerala. At Ottapalam one will be overwhelmed to witness many of Kerala's cultural and traditional artforms flourishing in their virgin state.

The name Ottapalam brings to mind the regal 'manas', lucklustre 'pooram', gracious 'temples' and the lyrical dialect. Its widely believed that Ottapalam dialect of malayalam is the true version of malayalam. Ottapalam has gifted India and the world many eminent personalities in the present and continues to do the same today also.

Ottapalam is well connected by Rail & Road. The Ottapalam railway station is an important railway station on the Chennai-Trivadrum rail route. Palakkad-Ponnani state higway runs through ottapalam. Ottapalam is equidistant from Coimbatore and Cochin airports.

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